About Us

Why We started up Angels Wings.

Angels Wings was put together back in 2014 with an aim to rehabilitate neglected and mistreated parrots, we also have birds from the public who can no longer care for their parrot due to changes in their circumstances. We are not a large refuge, we pride ourselves in giving the birds more one to one work across Northamptonshire by our experienced assessment homes. No bird will be fostered until we are happy that the bird is in a stable condition, some don't even get to that stage, these stay as long term residents.

Our goal.

Angels Wings is a local parrot rescue centre based in northamptonshire, we take in unwanted,neglected and abused parrots and we do our best to rehabilitate them. So that we can find them their there forever foster homes.

Fund Raising

We do our best to raise funds by going to local events, but as any organisation we rely heavy on donations, wether that something small like a £1 donation or something big like bags of seed. Every little helps with keeping Angel Wings running and keeping the doors open to any bird needing refuge.
The Sanctuars, rescues, refuges and shelters are full or over capacity and trying to survive on non existing funding, so what can we/you do to help ? Support your local rescue centre.
If you can't adopt – Foster
If you can't foster – Sponsor
If you can't sponsor – Volunteer
If you can't volunteer – Donate
If you can't donate - Educate


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