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I have had pigeons since i was 8 years old & since that day i have been totally in love & fascinated with pigeons they are my passion, Everything i know about pigeons is self taught over the years as this year i will have been a fancier for 40 years, As i got older i started racing pigeons and did very well winning my first ever race, Over the years i have won many many races including Federation & Combine wins, I also had my own pigeon transporter in the past that was used daily for pigeon fanciers to train there birds, I have also convoeyed pigeons for open races, I also have many many good pigeon fancier friends across Europe having also lived out in Europe for many years, Where i also kept and raced pigeons, I have also been secretary of 2 pigeon clubs, Due to my love and passion to do with pigeons i started DJW PIGEON COURIER. My aim is to offer pigeon fanciers a good quality courier service at an affordable working mans price, With minimum stress on the birds, That is why i decided to only take minimal daily orders, That way i can offer fanciers a service to have there birds collected and delivered on the same day (within the same zone) this for sure as got to help and ease the stress of birds moving from one loft to another especially with Y/Bs, I hope in the future that i will meet many more pigeon fanciers and make many more friends,

About Our Company

Having spent many years successfully racing & convoying pigeons in my younger days i left it all behind to move to Europe to live, I lived there many years still racing and keeping pigeons, Due to now having 2 wonderful grandchildren and living so far away from them my wife persuaded me to return back home to the uk, This i agreed to if we could find the right place for me to get back into racing pigeons in England, On our return i noticed that there had been a few companies started up to courier pigeons & from what i find they do a good job, Looking a little more into this i see that a very big percentage of the birds were getting to there new homes the following day of collection, I thought with a limited collection each day i could offer a service to pigeon fanciers to collect and deliver there birds the same day, within the same zone, I am not going to be a big company bringing drivers in from here there & everywhere i plan on doing everything myself that way i know things will be done correct and i know personally that the birds will be cared for the same way i would care for my own birds, providing a good quality service at a very good competitive working mans budget, Young bird sickness i see is a massive problem within our sport so with my collection & delivery service on the same day i hope this will help with minimum stress to your birds, So i decided to contact D.E.F.R.A get my self registered / licensed with them to start the beginning of DJW PIGEON COURIER. It is only a very small step but I hope i can help keep pigeon racing going within the UK for many more years to come,

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    We are D.E.F.R.A Registered and licensed.

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    N.V.Q Qualified In Transportation

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    Customer Care

    N.V.Q Qualified In Customer Care.

Our Services

Pigeon Care

We provide everything to ensure your pigeons have a safe and secure journey.

Customer Care

The goal as a company is to have a customer service that is not just the best but legendary. Thats why DJW will let you know where your pigeons are at all times, and will always listen to the customers to improve.


Booking is simple please check the "Areas Covered page" first if we cover your area great, The next step is to goto the "Contact page" were you will fine details on how to contact DJW and book your collection.

Our Promise

We promise to provide your pigeons with the best care why they are in our hands, and to provide you with a first class customer care service.

– Darren

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