PLEASE GET YOUR BOOKINGS IN BY "9.00am" ON MONDAY OF EACH WEEK as there is limited collections each day.
so please get your bookings in as early as possible to avoid disappointment.

SMALL STUDS OR PRIVATE BREEDERS OF min 10 SEPERATE DROPS ANY ZONE CAN BOOK A FULL DAY e.t.c Sun & Have all your birds delivered Same Day to there new home Minimum stress for your birds if your area is not shown on the map then sorry you will not be covered by our service.

If your area is not shown on the map then sorry you will not be covered by our service.


£26 per Bird - £30 upto 6 Birds
Prices Based one collection & Delivered to One Address


We can collect or deliver birds between the hours of 07.00 - 20.30
depending on work load & distance covered each day, so please make note of working hours when placing a order.

Contact Us

Phone Number: 07827738427

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    We are D.E.F.R.A Registered and licensed.

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    N.V.Q Qualified In Transportation

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    Customer Care

    N.V.Q Qualified In Customer Care.

Our Services

Pigeon Care

We provide everything to ensure your pigeons have a safe and secure journey.

Customer Care

The goal as a company is to have a customer service that is not just the best but legendary. Thats why DJW will let you know where your pigeons are at all times, and will always listen to the customers to improve.


Booking is simple please check the "Areas Covered page" first if we cover your area great, The next step is to goto the "Contact page" were you will fine details on how to contact DJW and book your collection.

Our Promise

We promise to provide your pigeons with the best care why they are in our hands, and to provide you with a first class customer care service.

– Darren

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